Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Right Outfit

This morning something different happened. After Jaycee woke up and did her morning routine, she came in her room to get dressed like normal. Every day I pick her clothes out and lay them on the bed. She will put on what she can and I help her with the rest.

But today, she searched through and found the underwear she wanted to wear. Then she shuffled through her drawer to find just the right shorts to wear. Then she stood at her closet door waiting for me to open it.

"Are you picking out your shirt today?" I ask as I open the door to her closet.

Jaycee reaches in like she knew what shirt she had in mind to wear. I think to myself that if she picks out a matching outfit, it will be a miracle.

She pulls out a pretty gray shirt with pink flowers on it.

My daughter just picked out her first outfit by herself. It doesn't look too bad either!

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