Sunday, July 22, 2012

The miracle of VBS

If you read my last entry, you know that I was pumping myself up to be Jaycee's helper at VBS last week. All I can say is: What a difference a year makes! Jaycee didn't scream and cry and carry on. She adjusted to all the decorations and transitioning well. She tried to roam off a few times, get on stage, and do some random, unexplained acts. Overall, it was much, much better. It was one of those times when God taught me to take a risk with her and trust Him. It was amazing. I'm glad I took her back and didn't talk myself out of it.  The audience got a good show at the vacation bible school program Friday night with Jaycee trying to slap me while on stage and refusing to leave the stage. She wasn't done performing apparently!  Sometimes, you just have to laugh!

The touching part of Bible school for me was seeing Jaycee with a few of the kids in our group. In general, most kids tolerate Jaycee, a few are mean to her, and a few rare ones seek her out and befriend her. There were a few girls in our group that lead Jaycee around the church. They asked her to sit by them at snack. Jaycee didn't understand. She just sat in an empty chair. The girls moved tables to be with her. They asked me questions about her to see what her interests were. They carried her around and gave her horsey rides. Kids like that who work so hard to be a friend to Jaycee truly reflect God's heart. They pay attention to someone that is often ignored or ridiculed. That was a wonderful thing for me to witness as her mother. I am blessed to be in a church where Jaycee is accepted by so many kids. VBS was good for Jaycee and I in many ways! Can't wait for next year!

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