Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Salt Shaker

Sometimes I just have to stop and take a breath. There are some things Jaycee does sporadically that really annoy me.

Some things just bug her which in turn bugs me. For instance, she hates pillows on couches and cushions on chairs. Before she sits on my mom's wooden chair, she throws that cushion down to the floor. We don't have a coffee table. But, when we are at a house with one, she likes to clear it off. It's embarrassing. It's like she's saying, "You have too much junk on your table."

Then there's the stuff she does at home. Sometimes she likes to throw my books off of my end table. She gets in a mood to throw the pile of blankets on the floor into a heaping mess. I don't understand why she hates clutter unless it's on the floor. Of course, getting her to pick her mess up is next to impossible.

Tonight, she was in rare form. Apparently, she decided to hand wash the throw pillow by placing it in the bathtub. Then she managed to get her dad's towel soaking wet by drying off with water still in the bathtub. Then, there was the strange act of her dropping the salt shaker into my water glass. Finally, she decided that some of my Christmas decorations were better displayed on the floor than on the cabinet.

Nights like tonight are a challenge. I have to stop and take a breath. I find myself saying "Help me Jesus." And I mean that prayer! Sometimes I get frustrated going from mess to mess. I don't understand why she does certain things. Of course, she doesn't speak so she can't tell me what she's thinking.

I'm trying to remember I can be frustrated and upset all night or I can take a breath and let it go. Now that it's been a few hours, it's kinda funny that she put the salt shaker in my glass!

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