Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Special House Tour

Today, I'm taking you on a tour of my little house. My house has differences than yours possibly because I have a special purposed child living in mine.

This is the door from our house to our garage. A few months ago, I posted the stop sign on the door for Jaycee. Given the opportunity, Jaycee will run out the door and never look back. It's a safety issue that she doesn't seem to understand. After watching an episode of America's Super Nanny, which featured a boy with Down syndrome running out of a house multiple times a day, I copied the stop sign idea. The Super nanny's sign read: Stop. Ask first. My sign reads: Stop. Ask mom.

Did the sign work? Well now I tell Jaycee to open the door and go out to the van and she won't. She'll wait by the door until I open it. I'm not complaining. She's just doing what the sign says!

Welcome to our kitchen/pharmacy. This is where we draw up medicine, mix laxatives, and crush pills. Bi-pap parts, nebulizer masks, and syringes are all cleaned here too.

 Here's Jaycee taking a nebulizer treatment in our living room/treatment area. Yes, our floor is littered with toys thanks to my son. Throughout the house, you'll find random things that serve a therapeutic purpose. Hence, the red exercise ball in the background, which we used this summer for gross motor activities.
 Welcome to my bedroom. (And my husband's) The monitor is on every night. At 7 years old, we still have to use a baby monitor from time to time. It's jolting to hear "beep-beep-beep-beep" through the monitor which means she's having an apnea episode. Under our bed, we store oxygen bottles that Jaycee uses in respiratory emergencies. Where do people usually store 4 oxygen bottles in a small house anyway?
Here's a shot from Jaycee's room. Her bi-pap mask is hanging off the bed ready to use each night. In the corner, there's a giant oxygen machine. I hate this machine! I had to remove toys out of her room to make room for this machine. That seems unfair, I know! We rarely use this machine because we use the oxygen tanks. But, our supplier is required to have 2 forms of oxygen at our house so we always have a back up.

Finally, this is Jaycee's messy closet. We don't have really have many closets in our house, so excuse the clutter. There's an oxygen tank in the front ready for an emergency. The Tupperware drawers hold a bunch of miscellaneous medical supplies: stethoscopes, medicine, nasal cannulas, sensors for the oxygen saturation monitor, nebulizer parts, tape, bi-pap masks, etc. This thing is crammed full of stuff we need to keep around. You'll also see bed pads and night diapers in the closet too. Needless to say, this closet is always locked.
So there you have it! There's our special purposed house tour. Hope you enjoyed it!

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