Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Power of Love

At church, we often sing about and talk about the love of God. It is described as unconditional. God loves us when we are good, bad, saved, unsaved. His love is always there. It is hard for us to comprehend and grasp this because as humans, we often give love based upon conditions and worthiness.

Sometimes, I think about pregnant women sitting in a doctor's office being told their unborn baby has a problem. Maybe it's Down syndrome, cystic fibrosis, or some other long term, life-altering diagnosis. I think about these women being told this upsetting news by a doctor, who is most likely telling them only negative things about their unborn son or daughter. I feel for these women.

Once in awhile, I will converse on-line or in real life with women who get a prenatal diagnosis. Some are deciding what to do. They want to know what their life will be like, what their child will be like, and if their other children would be hindered from having a sibling with special needs. Of course, it's impossible to predict any child's abilities and weaknesses prenatally with any certainty. If I present 10 kids with Down syndrome to this frightful woman, she would probably get 10 somewhat different pictures.

I try to remember that these are scared women asking reasonable questions instead of feeling insulted that they don't want a child like mine. I feel pressured to share positives about raising my own child who has a number of health issues and downplay any difficulties (i.e. trouble speaking, surgeries, frequent illnesses). I try to find the right words to say in case I can make a difference for that unborn baby.

Lately, I have reconsidered my "selling points." Because, when it all comes down to it, the power of a mother's love is the only thing to tell them: Yes, your child will have bad days, have difficulties, get sick, and sometimes make you feel stressed, but you will love your child so much. You will celebrate their victories and try to make their hurts go away. You will love your child, and you will adjust your life plans and goals as needed because you love them.

I love Jaycee. She's not the greatest athlete or student. Most likely, she's going to need me the rest of her life, but that's ok. I love her. She's my child. Our love and bond has gotten us through some rough patches and seasons. Much like the love of God, this love is hard to explain and describe until you have experienced it.

So, my thoughts about these women who are contemplating what to do with their pregnancy are this: You will be stronger than you ever imagined you could be. And you will learn just how powerful love is.

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