Friday, February 27, 2015

Wish Trip Part 5

The wish story continues picking up on Thursday. The Disney characters were back at the village. Today, Belle was the one Jaycee wanted to see. She loves Belle!

Rain, wind, and cool temperatures dampened our original plans today. So we looked for an indoor activity. We decided to go to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. It was at least an hour drive from the village with several tolls along the way. The kids loved the outdoor rockets and exhibits, which we did first before the rain hit. The kids did not appreciate the IMAX movie. Jaycee didn't even wear her 3D glasses, so I'm sure it was all a blur for her. The bus tour was neat. There were many movies here that didn't capture the kids attention at all. We left without seeing much of the center because the weather was just awful and the kids were done. We were glad to have gone, but it was more of an adult place.

We arrived home in time for dinner and to see what gifts were in the villa for the kids. Thursday night was Christmas at the village. There were Santa hats for the kids, Christmas trees to decorate, hot chocolate, and of course...Santa! As you can see, Jaycee debuted her new princess dress tonight.

After meeting Santa, we were escorted in a room with several shelves of really nice toys. Each child was allowed to choose one toy that they wanted. Elijah picked a transformers toy. Jaycee kept picking up toys she already has at home, as usual. But I finally got her talked into a Doc McStuffins play-doh set. Apparently, Hasbro, Inc. donates the toys used for Santa as well as other gifts we received. These were nice gifts too, not just toys that don't sell. There's so many companies that donate their goods to make this place special.

We went to bed with Christmas songs in our head or at least I did.
To be continued.....

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