Tuesday, December 29, 2015

God, Baptism, And the R-Word (2015 Blog Review)

This year is almost over, so it's time to take a look back. Thank you to everyone who has read the stories about my journey as a parent over the past year. Today, I'll highlight the top three blog posts I had for the year just in case you missed them.

Before we get to the top three, let's review my favorite post of the year:
Does God Make Down syndrome?
I spent months and months writing this post. I wrote and rewrote, put it aside for a few weeks, and then added some more. I wanted to put into words all the thoughts I had whenever someone tried to explain to me that my child with Down syndrome was made by God. I didn't care what people had to say. I cared most what God and His word has to say. This post was a compilation of all the thoughts I had on this subject over the years. After I hit "publish" on this post, I had a stomach ache. I didn't know how it would be received and if I articulated my point of view well enough. But, I believe it was understood. Now, it is one of my favorite posts, but it didn't make the top three for the year.

Coming in at number 3 for 2015 is:
Where Is God When
This post too took some writing and rewriting. It came from a thought I had many times as a parent watching my child go through illness, surgeries, and indescribable things. I think it's human nature to wonder where a loving God is when there is heartache all around. It also seems to be human nature in trials to discount the "little" moments where God seems to be trying to answer that question for you.

#2 for the year is
Why I Cringe at the R-Word
The motivation for this post came from hearing the r-word in conversations between people. It's amazing to hear the situations and scenarios that people use the r-word as a descriptor for. It's frustrating as a mother of someone with an intellectual disability to hear that word thrown around. This post was me trying to describe why the r-word is a dig at people like my daughter and why she deserves more respect.

And the most popular post of the year was:
To the Pastor who Baptized my Daughter
I was so happy to share this post in celebration of Jaycee's 1 year baptism anniversary. That day was so special to me as a mother and a Christian. I was extremely glad that my pastor was willing to baptize Jaycee given that she didn't fit everyone's criteria for it (being able to verbalize her belief in Jesus/salvation). I'm glad this was the blog's top post for the year since it was a special day for our family.

Thanks for reading!! Hope to see you back in 2016!

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