Thursday, February 18, 2016

Therapy Tip: A New Way to Store Crayons

Happy Therapy Tip Thursday!

Today is the day that I use my experience as a pediatric speech-language pathologist and a mother of a child with special needs to share a tip with you.

Today's trick is: Parmesan Bottle Crayon Holder

This idea is credited to Cari Ebert and her Power of Play seminar.

This trick is easy, but I love it! The toddlers I work with absolutely love it too.

Prep: Use up a parmesan cheese bottle, clean it, and remove the wrapper.


You are ready for the next simple step.

Put some crayons in the empty bottle. Now, you have a new way to store crayons for art or craft projects.

Using this for therapy:
1. Requesting: For toddlers, I hand them the bottle to get the crayons out. Generally, they can't do it. This gives them a chance to ask for "help."

2. Fine Motor: Dropping each crayon into the small circles challenges fine motor skills of toddlers.

3. Counting: The circles give the perfect prompt to count to 3.

4. Colors: Instead of counting crayons as you drop them in, you can label colors as you drop them in one at a time.

The next time you use up a bottle of parmesean cheese, don't throw it away! Put it to good use!

Come back next Thursday for another trick!

This information is provided for educational purposes and not therapeutic advice.

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