Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Devotions For Families with Special Needs or Medically Fragile

As I posted earlier in the summer, I have had some extra writing opportunities that are keeping me busy, and I wanted to share some of them today.

First up.... a devotional book:
Summer Devotions for Special-Needs Families is a book packed full of short devotions for families that have a child with a diagnosis. It was edited by Sandra Peoples and a number of Christian writers contributed to the book. Being on the Key Ministry Writing Team, I was blessed to be able to contribute a few devotions. If you are looking for something new to read, consider this book. Some of the topics are summer related but many are good to read any time. You can find this book on Amazon.

Next....a new piece: 
I recently had another post on the Key Ministry website called Reaching Out to Homebound Families. I, personally, have been homebound with my daughter for weeks or months due to her health issues. Being isolated at home can be very difficult, especially when you want to stay connected to a church. This post was written, so churches can help families in similar situation. Here's a snippet:

In a perfect world, all those in the faith could attend church every week as they desire. Life, however, presents all sorts of challenges making church attendance impossible or difficult for some families. There are some individuals who are homebound long-term due to a health condition and cannot attend church. Some families, like mine, have temporary homebound times which may occur after a child recovers from a surgery or serious illness, for example. Other families do not feel their child has a safe place in their church, because there is no one there equipped to handle their child’s needs or behaviors.

Whatever the reason, there are families who desire to attend church but cannot. Listening to sermons without attending church is relatively easy as many churches share them through podcasts, online videos, CDs, and social media. These outlets are great but hearing a message and feeling connected to a church are two different things. Interacting with people, having an opportunity for face-to-face prayer with someone, and receiving little words of encouragement are all missed by the family that is homebound.

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