Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A Small Change at Church Created a Big Problem

Recently, I had a post on Key Ministry about how an ordinary church outing turned chaotic due to a small change in our routine. Here's the first few paragraphs with the link to the whole post below.

How a Small Change at Church Created a Big Problem

My daughter loves going to church. In fact, Jaycee spends part of her Saturday night picking out the right dress to wear the next morning.

“Get your Bible,” I tell her before we leave. Jaycee races to her bedroom and retrieves it quickly.

“Class. Friends,” she signs.

“Yes, you’ll see your friends in class at church,” I tell her.

On this particular Sunday, my daughter and I were both wearing dresses and captured the moment with a picture. With our outfits documented, my kids and I climbed into the car to head to church while my husband left for work.

The drive to church was ordinary as we joyfully sang along to the Christian radio station. I drove down the road to enter the church from the rear parking lot as I normally do. That’s when our problems began.

The back entrance was roped off, so I had to enter another way. The yells started from my daughter, who was mad that I didn’t make the turn she was expecting.

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  1. My daughter and I have experienced similar situations. It's scary when it happens in a dangerous parking lot!


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