Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Finding Hope...True Story

Recently, I had a post on the Key Ministry blog called, Finding Hope I Didn't Know I Lost. I'm always grateful to have a post on their site and wanted to share part of it with you: I read the title of the message, Let Hope Arise, on the large screen in the front of the church. “Hope, I got this,” I thought.
After the speaker began, I realized I didn’t have hope, at least not in every area.
I regretfully admit that I felt odd as we repeated the speaker who led the chant, “Something good is going to happen to me.” I don’t think I have spoken those words in years.
Even though I don't commonly profess that good things will happen to me, I don’t consider myself as a pessimist. At one time a few years ago, I was definitely one. After some health scares with my daughter and reaching unprecedented stress levels, life seemed hard as it revolved around my child's daily medical interventions. At that time, I commonly thought:
“I’m never going to live without stress.”
“My child’s never going to be healthy.”
“I can’t imagine my life ever feeling easy while managing my child's care.”

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