Saturday, August 11, 2012

Waiting Game

Yesterday, I took Jaycee to a doctor's appointment. That appointment was just like so many other ones. It started off with a long wait. 45 minutes to be exact. I often wonder if telling time or keeping a schedule is something taught in medical school. I believe most professionals skipped those days in school. If doctors and hospitals were a rare occurrence, then waiting wouldn't be a big deal. But, Jaycee averages 1-2 appointments a month now and goes more often when she's sick. So we have come understand why that room before you see the doctor is called a waiting room. You wait and wait. 

In six years, we have learned the ropes of the wait game. We know that if she gets labs we can expect a long wait there. Her cardiologist and pulmonologist is generally right on time. Her genetics doc usually doesn't involve too long of a wait. We need snacks and toys for the wait for the ENT and eye doctor. If she has to get an x-ray, that's always a toss up. Her regular doc could go either way too.

When Jaycee was first born and we started experiencing hospital life, we were quite frustrated with the process. I felt like I wasted so much time waiting. The really aggravating thing is I'll spend about 2 hours driving to the hospital (& a good 2 hours home) to wait for a long time to see a doctor for 15 minutes.  But...I have learned the process now. It is what it is. I can't fight it. For my sanity, I have to accept it.

In those waiting rooms, I think about the status of my patience level. It has improved over the years. There are times though when it becomes clear that my patience is really lacking. I make excuses for myself on why I have a right to be impatient but the reality is my impatience is a reflection of my heart and spirit. So yes, God can show us our heart and our attitude in a waiting room.

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