Thursday, December 20, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

My three year old is so excited for Christmas. He has a long list of toys he wants. Most of them involve items that go on a railway. He can't wait to shred the wrapping paper on his presents to see what hidden treasure is beneath.

Jaycee is different. Call it contentment or indifference. She rarely gets excited about a present. In fact, by the end of Christmas I'll probably be opening her presents because she's lost interest. The present aspect of Christmas has always been a difficult time for her and me. She's never really been into much of anything besides music and movies. It makes it difficult for me to find that "special toy" that people talk about. Ya know, that toy that the parent is so excited to buy for their child because their child has talked and dreamed of it.

Over the years I have struggled with presents for Jaycee. For the first 4 years of her life, most of Jaycee's presents were therapy or educationally related. I chose toys that would help her fine motor skills. I got her signing movies. In general, I got things that I could use to help Jaycee develop skills. She doesn't typically play with toys so I didn't see the point in buying "fun" things with no purpose. Those type of toys seemed to sit around and collect dust. 

Last year, I didn't go totally educational but I did get many items that she might like that would help her (like a trampoline). I have been very proud of myself this year. For the first time, I got Jaycee only fun toys with no ulterior motive. There's no educational value to an oinking pig or a singing Barney doll. It's a good step for me to let go of getting her things based upon advancing her development. There is a small window of time left to get all the fun toys in before she's too old for them.

Next week, we will see if anything I got her will actually be used or enjoyed.

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