Thursday, December 27, 2012

Simple Things

We survived another Christmas here! Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus but boy it's a busy couple of days here. There were a few things that happened this year that were really neat. Jaycee actually opened all her presents. Her fine motor skills really make it difficult for her to rip the paper open sometimes. I tried to start every present with a rip for her to follow. Almost every year, I end up begging her and assisting her to finish opening her presents. Not this year, she did great!  She opened every present. It was such a good feeling. It's a simple thing to see her do. She was just like a regular kid shredding paper.

Not only that, she was really excited about some of the things she got. She would babble and hold some things up investigating them. She showed an interest in what she was getting. This isn't typical. Always before, if she got the paper off, she chucked the toy while I tried to "sell" it to her. It was great to see her happy and interested in this part of Christmas. If you have a child who wasn't interested, you would totally appreciate these milestones I'm writing about.

The best thing was that Christmas night brought in a blizzard of snow. Winters are always rough on Jaycee's breathing but she's healthy right now. So she got to actually go outside for about 10 minutes and play in the snow like a regular kid. I didn't have to worry about her wheezing. It was just fun. Normally, we usually end up bring snow inside the house for Jaycee and not allow her in the cold air. But the snow came at a great time for health. She loved it. Dad was tired from pulling her up and down the driveway.

These simple things are great! They are marks of progress. Here's to more sled rides.

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