Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Person Project

About 2 years ago, I was trying to get to a better place in my life. My attitude was negative. I had been through so much with Jaycee's health that my main objective was to make it through each day without having a crying fit or crazy thoughts.  I was going through the motions of a Christian but wasn't feeling any tremendous spiritual feelings. I couldn't pray very well for other people because all the prayers I could muster up were about my family. There were times when someone would share a sad situation requesting prayer and I didn't even want to hear about it. I couldn't take on anyone else's burdens and pain. I knew it was the sign of a wrong attitude but I didn't know how to change it.

I was praying about how to change my attitude. Then I got my assignment that I have been doing ever since. I would have one person each week to do something for. It was my "person" for the week  to show some little piece of God's love, heart, or kindness. Every week since then, I have had a person that I have done just that. Sometimes it was a family member, friend, or someone I haven't spoken to in awhile. A few times, it was my husband. Sometimes, it was a stranger.

Most of the time, the "person" is clearly brought to mind either just out of the clear blue or sometimes in prayer. There have been times when a person discussed a situation in their lives that led me to the realization that they were the "person." There have been only a few times when it's the end of the week and I'm trying to think of someone or something to do.

I have done a variety of things over the past two years. Mostly, it's been a card, phone call, or email to someone to share a word of encouragement. Some nice notes, I sent anonymously. I have brought meals to those recovering from an illness or going through chemo. I have sent money or gift cards to people. Once I read about a fund being started for a family who lost everything in a fire. I didn't know these people but the fund kept coming into my mind. I realized God was trying to tell me something. If I have something I no longer needed (like my kids' clothes or toys), I would ask God if anyone needed them. For my husband, I have made him a favorite dessert that I normally wouldn't make or bought him a small gift for no reason. One time, I sent my 5 year old niece pictures of herself playing t-ball in the mail. She enjoyed getting mail.

Once, before my son and I left to eat at a restaurant, I knew I wanted our waitress to be my "person." I was going to leave the waitress a large tip--it was large given that my meal was less than $10. Before I went in, I asked God to seat me in the right section of the waitress who needed it. Nothing magical happened during that meal. But I did what I thought I needed to do. The tip was a sign to the waitress because no one would leave a tip that is larger than the bill.

In short, some things were large and some were small. I only write about these experiences so that you can have an idea of what I did. I'm not trying to brag. I was only being obedient.

The point of this assignment was to get me thinking beyond myself. When I get so wrapped up in my own problems and life, it's a very selfish way to live. There are people out there needing love, a connection to another person, and encouragement. If we are self focused, we miss opportunities to help others. Jesus told us to love God and love others. This assignment allowed me to do both. My attitude has changed and so has my prayer life. Maybe someone reading this will be inspired too! Go ahead and find your person!

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