Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Siblings, Friends

My kids like each other. I snapped this picture of them while we were riding home from school. Sometimes, they hold hands in the car, which is so sweet to this mom. Elijah will say, "Sissy, give me your hand." Most of the time, she reaches for his hand. But sometimes, she doesn't.

That makes Elijah mad. He'll say, "Mom, I want to hold sissy's hand, and she won't do it."

I encourage Jaycee to hold hands with her brother. She usually gives in and does it. Sometimes, they hold hands almost the entire way home (about 20 minutes). They really like each other. It's an answer to a prayer.

I often pray that Elijah will grow up to love and appreciate his sister. Given that her hospital admissions, doctor's appointments, and illnesses means that his mommy time is cut short, I pray that he can have a positive attitude through it all without feeling any sort of resentment now or in the future. I pray that he'll appreciate his role in this family and his sister's role in the family.

So, it's encouraging to see them hold hands, hug, and play together. They aren't just siblings; they are friends.

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