Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Stuff We Need

These are the things that Jaycee uses daily. She requires a lot of "stuff" to keep her going.
-There's the black vest that she uses in airway clearance therapy 2-4 times a day. The vest is hooked up to tubes and a big old machine.
-The green foot braces are used to help her when she's walking.
-The large mask represents her bi-pap machine that she uses nightly.
-The pink and black device is her communication device that allows her to talk to others.
-Then there's her nebulizer mask, inhalers, and medications she takes daily.

Everyday, these necessities must be done. Everyday, we take these necessities into consideration when we are planning simple things like wake up time, bed time, what shoes she's wearing, what time she's eating her last meal, etc. The stuff is hard to deal with at times. But, I am grateful she has stuff that helps her be better and be healthier.

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