Thursday, June 5, 2014

Signs Your Kid is Sick Often

Here are signs that your child may be sick often:

-You know what your child's vital signs are. You can rattle off their normal heart rate and oxygen saturation levels without hesitation.
-You notice every sneeze, cough, change in eating, or sleep disturbance that may indicate that there is a problem.
-There are containers in your vehicle in case of vomiting.
-There are other things like towels, spare clothes, or wipes in your car for illnesses.
-When traveling, things like thermometers and Tylenol are a must.
-You know the maximum dosage of medicines to give in case of emergencies.
-You can pack a bag for a hospital admission in less than 5 minutes.
-On call doctors or emergency room staff recognize you or remember you.
-You never plan anything too far ahead because you don't know if your child will be well enough to go. If you do plan something, there is a plan B for every trip or plan.
-Every time your child is sick, you hope and pray it passes quickly and they'll come out OK.

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