Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Fireworks=screaming and crying   At least that's how it's been for the past several years for Jaycee. We'd load up to go to the local fireworks display, find a good spot in the parking lot, and wait for the show to begin. Prior to the city's main display, there are some individuals that shoot off fireworks at their homes nearby.

That's when it all goes south. In those initial booms and pops and lights in the sky, Jaycee starts to get anxious and upset. Every time we have attempted the fireworks, we end up leaving within the first five minutes of the show. We have even put her in the vehicle with the motor running to help drown out the noise, but it didn't help. She would cry and scream frantically until we headed down the road away from those scary noises. It has been the same story for years. Last year, we didn't even try to go. We stayed home and reminisced about how we use to be able to watch fireworks.

But this year, we gave it a shot again. We loaded up in the vehicle. On the way, I explained to both kids about fireworks hoping that this would give ample warning and assured them that it wasn't scary. Jaycee was excited to see some of her friends prior to the fireworks show. When the pre-show works started firing off, she got a little anxious. She wanted to leave her friends and go back to our truck, which was a sign that things were going bad. Once at the truck, she tried to get in it. But Jason, grandma, and I assured her that everything was fine and didn't let her hide in the truck. We made her sit on the bed of the truck and watch the fireworks show. She did not scream. She did not cry. I wouldn't say that she liked it, but she tolerated it. And we were so proud!!!

July 4th was a big day for us. Jaycee watched her first fireworks display ever without getting upset. She faced her fears! And my husband and I likewise watched fireworks for the first time in over 8 years!! We have been waiting for this day, and it was a big blessing for us! Thank God for progress!!

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