Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jaycee's Language

Sometimes I think people get the wrong impression of Jaycee. They see a 9 year old girl with Down syndrome who gestures, signs, and doesn't say many words. Because of this, I feel people think Jaycee doesn't have much to communicate. But, Jaycee does!

When you are a mother, you know how to read your child. The same is true for me and Jaycee. I know what her gestures, noises, and cries mean. I know these things because I have spent 9 years with her.

So for those of you who haven't spent years with Jaycee, here are some examples of her unique communication:

-Hands on her hips= I'm mad!
-Stopping her foot with an arm extended say "h-h-h"= I'm very mad.
-Covering her eyes= I'm going to cry.
-Knocking on a window= I want to hear the song 'Do you want to build a snowman."
-Pointing to her eyes and saying "s"= I need my glasses.
-Rubbing her belly= I'm hungry.  Or= This food is good.
-Wiggling her fingers in front of her= I'm gonna get you.
-Chewing on her tongue and making a noise= I'm tired.
-Pointing to her feet and saying "s"= Shoes or socks
-Pulling at her hair and making scissors with her fingers= Haircut
-When riding in her stroller, patting her lap= I want Elijah to sit on my lap.
-One hand holds her nose= I want to go swimming.

Jaycee reminds me that there are many ways that children with special needs communicate. We just have to pay attention!

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  1. Well, behavior is communication. I think Jaycee has a pretty well-developed language.


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