Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Just an Eye Roll

It took one second for my mood to change.

I was observing Jaycee interact with children her age. The children were moving from spot to spot. I thought nothing of it. Then Jaycee followed them to a spot again which prompted one girl to roll her eyes at her friend. Oh! They were trying to ditch her! Yikes!

I know things like this happen but I'm better off not seeing them. I like to pretend that everyone loves and accepts Jaycee. I hate seeing situations like this.

Instantly, I felt the eye roll. While Jaycee continued trying to befriend the children unable to pick up on social cues, I sat in pity. I flashed back to other times I have observed similar behavior:

-The time the children were playing chase with the goal being to run from Jaycee
-The time other children simply stared at her and said nothing
-The time a few weeks ago when a child kept repeatedly asking her dad why Jaycee was in a stroller
-The time at Disney when a little girl told her mom that she was a big girl for walking in Disney and didn't need a stroller like her (pointing at Jaycee)
-The child at church who said repeatedly asked in disbelief "Jaycee can't read?" to her friends

A small child's eye roll was getting me all worked up. I was on the verge of tears when I left the event. I was feeling rejection. So many people love Jaycee, so why do I focus on the ones that don't?

With that thought, I began to pray. I asked God to take away the sadness and rejection I was feeling. I prayed for the child who made me feel so bad. And I started to feel better. I have found it's important to catch these thoughts early and stop them before my thinking gets warped.

And so the day continued on as normal. I didn't let that eye roll get me down! And I'm ready for the next situation that comes our way!

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