Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Dentist with my Special Purposed Child

I have looked at this date for weeks wishing it was over. 8:30 Thurs-Kids Dentist

As soon as we walked into the dentist office this morning, Jaycee sat on the floor and bent herself over. She was in her "I'm upset" position. She hasn't been to the dentist in six months, yet the experience last time must have left a lasting impression.

The kids are called back. Elijah cries because he can't play with the trains in the waiting room. Jaycee doesn't want to go back because she knows what's coming. And why did I think I could do this alone? Oh yes, I remember. Because I am a God empowered mother!

Elijah & Jaycee's examination rooms are next door to each other. Elijah refuses to sit down. Jaycee takes a seat but she's not happy. I hop back and forth between the two rooms. Elijah goes first. I hold him on my lap and the dentist looks at his teeth. He gets the all clear. He's just worried about getting back to those trains.

I walk into Jaycee's room, she's reclined in the seat. She holds my hands and babbles while the dentist looks around. "bababa dadad," Jaycee says.

"I know, Jaycee. You are doing great!" I tell her. I can tell she's upset but she's not screaming or crying. We hold hands. She pulls her hands away and signs "all done."

"Not yet," I tell her.

Jaycee allows them to briefly polish her teeth. She is not happy but this may be the first time she doesn't have tears. Hey, I want to cry at the dentist too but I don't.

These trips are getting better. She's growing up. Things are getting easier for her (& me). Next time, I won't dread the date for the dentist so much. Thank you Jesus!

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