Thursday, November 14, 2013

Signs of Post Hospital Fatigue

Being in the hospital is exhausting for the patient and the caregivers. But, the exhaustion doesn't let up when you get home. For me, I've been keeping track of medicine, vest therapy treatments, physical therapy appointments, occupational therapy appointments, school work, my own work, the house work, etc. So, here are my signs for caregivers that you are still physically and mentally tired. (Yes, I have all the signs).

-While driving to your intended destination, you suddenly realize you are driving the absolute wrong way.

-It takes three tries for you to push the buttons in the right sequence in order to turn the oven on.

-You convince yourself that a soda at 10 am is ok and then you push it to 9 am, and then to 8 am. Pretty soon, you wake up drinking soda for a caffeine rush.

-You look at your calendar 4-5 times a day to see what you are doing and when.

-You frequently say, "What was I saying" during conversations.

-It takes 2 tries to get your child to school because you forgot his backpack.

-You feel like you could sleep sitting up anywhere you are at 2 o'clock everyday.

-You don't care if you wear sweatpants out in public. (But your spouse does!!)

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