Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting a Laugh

Jaycee has emotions. She feels all the feelings we do. I love when she laughs. It makes me feel so good to hear her sweet giggle erupt uncontrollably. Of course, if there's something I can do to make it happen, I will do it again to hear that laugh.

Here are things that make her laugh:

-When I sing in a silly voice
-When I tickle her
-When she watches certain shows like Kipper
-When I bounce or spin her around in a swimming pool
-When her brother falls or trips or does something clumsy
-If a group of people are laughing, she'll join in too....even if she doesn't know what's so funny.
-When a baby sneezes
-When she goes down a slide
-When she rides a carnival ride
-When I drop something that I'm working on

She finds laughter in life. Despite her illnesses. Despite her problems. Jaycee laughs. She has joy in her life in nearly every place.

I can learn something from her.

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