Monday, May 9, 2016

The Days I Have as a Mother

Sunday was Mother's Day here in America. It's the day we take a moment to express love and appreciation for mothers.

I love being a mom and am grateful for the two little ones I have been blessed with to raise. Jaycee and Elijah helped shape me into the person that I am. As a mother, I have had many different days with my children.

There are days as a mother when everything feels ordinary. These are the days we laugh, joke, watch movies, wait for the school bus, and do typical family activities. I feel like any other mother hanging out with her two children filling up juice cups and breaking up little fights between the kids.

There are days as a mother that I would rather forget. This picture was taken on a day while Jaycee was in the middle of a 24 hour impedence probe reflux study. A few hours before this picture was taken Jaycee and I both felt traumatized by the placement of this probe. She hated having the probe placed and I hated that I had consented to it.

There are days as a mother that have been very happy. The first steps, first words, kisses, hugs, and love exchanged are moments that are held in a mother's heart forever.

As a mother, there are days that make me feel proud. I love to see my kids love each other. I love to celebrate Elijah's spelling achievements and Jaycee's Special Olympics activities. Each child makes me proud in different ways.

There are days that are hard, painful, and scary. I have had many uncertain days that have involved my child's illnesses, surgeries, hospital admissions, or machines. When these days come, I realize just how little control I have over my child's life and just how terrifying it is to see your child so sick.

There are days as a mother that are amazing! The time we spent on our Make-A-Wish trip was the happiest time of our family's life. Watching your daughter have so much special attention and fun was unforgettable. The excitement on Elijah's face the day he received his dirt bike was another amazing day. (The look was different on my face!)

When you are a mother, you never know exactly what each day will bring with your child. You can only pray and hope that the days you have will be happy and blessed.


  1. Reflux sucks. I got a sore throat from it once.

  2. Being a mum is a roller coaster, especially when your child has extra needs. I can relate totally. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day x


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