Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Jesus who Lives Beyond the Stable

Jesus is much more than a baby born in the humble beginnings of a stable.

Jesus is much more than a man who was crucified.

He was and is the Son of God.

As Christmas is nearing, it's important to reflect on the man who we celebrate.

Perhaps you aren't personally acquainted with Jesus, so let me tell you what I know.

It was in my relationship with Jesus that I learned the value of my daughter's life. While others made me feel that having a child with special needs was something that was sad, pitiful, and negative, Jesus reminded me that value is found in the soul of a person-no matter the abilities.

After struggling for months to get Jaycee to hold her own bottle as a baby, it was Jesus who gave me an idea to create an assistive device to help her by using a can hugger and masking tape. After months of struggling, the idea worked!

It was through Jesus that I came out of a difficult emotional space. Years of caring for a child who had multiple health problems (some serious), a miscarriage, and some other issues that life threw at us had really made my thinking very negative. It was Jesus who gave me hope for my life and our family's future.

It was Jesus who gave my husband and I peace when we looked at many medical bills wondering how we were going to pay them. (We have paid off over $40,000 in medical bills and quit totaling them up a few years ago due to the emotions it caused us.)

When Jaycee was in ICU in 2013, she was sick with pneumonia, respiratory failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and septic shock. While I was in prayer to this man, Jesus, I had a strong thought, "Jaycee will live," in my mind. That gave me hope during the shaky times while she recovered.

My son visiting his sister in the hospital

It was Jesus who put a line from a song in my heart during one of Jaycee's hospital admissions. I was feeling very down about Jaycee being in the hospital when these lyrics came to mind: God I look to You. I won't be overwhelmed....  (Yes, sometimes Jesus comes in the form of a song.)

It is Jesus whose name I say when I have found my daughter turning blue from respiratory distress at home as I try to get oxygen on her.

When Jaycee was sick another year in the ICU on the verge on needing a ventilator to keep her breathing safely, it was Jesus who sent word through a praying friend reminding me to trust God in all situations even when they seem to be going in directions that seem unplanned.

Jesus has not prevented sadness in my life nor heartache.
Jesus has not been a magical Santa figure granting every prayer and wish I had.

But, Jesus has been there working in my life making sure things came together for my good. He has been the peace in my life when things felt out of control.

Here's the good news for you--- He will do it for anyone who seeks him.

What's your personal story of Jesus?

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