Thursday, April 26, 2018


It's Thursday!

Typically, I do Therapy Thursday on the blog. If you came here looking for it, you won't find it today. Last week was my last Therapy Thursday for the time being. I enjoy sharing that part of my life with you, but I have to stop for now.

I have several writing projects that I need to free up some time for in order to get them completed. I'm a little busy being a wife, working mom, running my kids to appointments, and putting up a never ending pile of laundry. If you are a parent, you get it. Free time is minimal, so Therapy Thursday is being left behind for now for other things.

Which brings me to my big announcement........

I am currently finishing up my first book of my very own. Yay! I've contributed to two books before, but this one is all mine.

For the past 2.5 years, I have worked on this book at night or on the weekends. Sometimes, I had 30 minutes to devote to writing it. Other times, I furiously typed for hours. There have been weeks and months when I had to focus on caring for Jaycee and the book went untouched. My kids came first obviously, so there were times when the dream of the book had to be placed on hold. It's been a long and tedious task, but the book is finally coming together. My plan is to have it completed and published on Amazon before the end of the year.

So, you'll still find a weekly post from me on Tuesdays here. If you follow the blog's Facebook page, then you be linked to other articles I write elsewhere. Of course, I'll announce the completion of the book here first. Stay tuned....

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