Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Diagnosed: 3 Views from the Church Body

Last month, I had a post on Key Ministry called, Diagnosed: 3 Views from the Church Body. I wanted to talk about the way a child's diagnosis is perceived by Christian people, the remarks they tend to say based upon their perceptions, and questions these views have brought me. I've written a similar post on this blog, Does God Make Down syndrome, which has been viewed every week for the last 3 years making it my popular. If you missed the post on Key Ministry, here's the start of it with the link to the full post below.

When my daughter was born with Down syndrome and a heart defect 12 years ago, my eyes were opened to how people within the church view health, illness, and disability. I was always in good health, so I never knew the attitudes and beliefs held by some and how they were expelled in and outside a church building.
After my daughter was born, I experienced how Christian people view and treat those with a diagnosis. It seems that I have encountered 3 strong views among people. Some of these have resulted in positive experiences and some negative.

1. My child’s diagnoses were from God.There are some who strongly feel like those with various disabilities, especially those with Intellectual Disabilities, are special angels sent directly from God. People who believe this say things like: God must make so many people with Down syndrome, and He chose you. God gives special children to special parents. God chose you to be her parents, because He knew you could handle it. Having a child like yours is a special blessing from God. Special kids are special blessings.

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