Monday, November 30, 2020

One Word for 2021

At the beginning of a year, I often make goals or settle on a word to focus on in the coming months. In 2019, I felt God leading me to focus on the word "ASK." I wrote a post all about this word and what it meant to me. Essentially, I focused on "ask" because I had come to realize that my prayers weren't very deep. I had stopped asking God for things that actually required some faith. 

In 2019, I started asking God for more and stretching my faith. It had an amazing result and was the perfect word for me. 

This year, I really didn't have a word to focus on. I had some things I wanted to pray about and goals to achieve. Some of these included: keeping my weight off, praying for Jaycee to stay healthy, embracing turning 40 this year, and taking a family vacation. Thankfully, our family vacation was in February so we got to enjoy it! Keeping my weight off proved difficult in quarantine, but I kept the majority of my weight off. 

I don't have to begin to explain 2020 to any of you. It was challenging for a dozen reasons. I think "survival" was my word looking back- just kidding. I did learn much about myself in the chaos of 2020, and hopefully I will grow from it. I feel more prepared for challenges that I foresee coming in 2021. 

In 2021, I have one word that I will be using to guide me through the year. When Sandra Peoples, an author, speaker, and leader in the special-needs/Christian world, asked if anyone wanted to participate in an online conference and share their one word for 2021, I knew I had something to share. 

I will be one of 21 different people sharing their one word for the upcoming year. The conference is geared towards moms of children with special needs. However, many more people would benefit from the wisdom and truths that will be shared. 

The cost for the conference is $15, and you will have access to all the videos during the conference December 28- January1st. You can save $3 by entering my name in the promo code box! 

I hope you consider "attending" the online conference, setting yourself in a position to receive from God, and be encouraged to start 2021 off right! 

To sign up for the conference, CLICK HERE! Remember to use the promo code: Evana

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