A Special Purposed Life Defined

What is a special purposed life?

The term "special needs" doesn't bother me. But, it does bother me with respect to my Christianity. I was praying about Jaycee and her life and her accommodations. I asked God about these things in prayer. "God, would you call Jaycee special needs?" I got no response immediately.

When I was taking a class at my church about church life and my place in it, a phrase popped in my head. It was, "Jaycee is special purposed." We're all taught in church that our lives have purpose; that God has designed each of us for a reason. It may be called a variety of names. It's also known as: a calling on your life, a special gift, a talent, a reason for living, your passion, etc.

But, it seems that people focus less on Jaycee's life purpose and more on her needs. Her needs are many. She needs extra supervision, medications, a bi-pap, a vest airway clearance system, diapers at night, assistance with personal hygiene. It seems, at times, her life revolves around everything she needs.

Jaycee's life does have purpose though. It is just a "special" purpose. When she was born with an extra chromosome and a heart defect, her life got set on a special track. She's had health problem after problem, so her life took a different, special purpose unlike most of her peers. Her purpose isn't less than someone else just unique, special.

Because of her life, it set my husband, her brother, and I all on a special track. Elijah will have unique experiences as a sibling of someone who is nonverbal and in the hospital a few times a year. Her dad and I have met new people (mainly developmental and medical professionals), had our lives affected by doctor appointments, therapy appointments, and hospital admissions, and learned about medical conditions we never knew existed because of Jaycee. Her special purposed life put her family on a special purpose as well.

I don't believe that every sickness and every bad thing that happens to Jaycee is from God for some greater purpose. I don't believe that at all. I do believe that while Jaycee struggles with things on this earth we can look for teachable moments, people we can minister to and encourage, and find things to be thankful for.

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  1. LOVE this! absolutely relate to your conclusion! blessings!


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