Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What if...?

There are moments that make you wonder. Maybe you noticed something that just didn't seem right with your child. Maybe you noticed a significant difference in the development between two of your children. Or maybe you found something odd on your child's body. There could be a multitude of scenarios that have now caused you to have a thousand questions like:

What if...my child isn't going to outgrow this problem?
What if...something serious is wrong with my child?
What if...the doctor missed something?
What if...the teacher's concerns are valid?
What if...this isn't just a phase?

There are questions about our children that can haunt us as parents. The questions are sometimes too scary to even ask out loud. These questions keep us up at night, make us second-guess ourselves, and leave us feeling stressed and anxious.

The answers to these questions are needed but finding them may be difficult. Perhaps, you tried before to get some answers but you got absolutely no where. Perhaps, you were made to feel like an overly worried parent when you brought them up to a therapist or doctor. Perhaps, you want answers but your spouse doesn't. Perhaps, you are scared to find the answers and keep waiting for things to change on their own.

The answers to these "What if?" questions could possibly be life-changing and have long-term consequences. Facing the reality of the answers could result in an emotional and spiritual battle that you may not be ready to face. Whether you are ready or not, it may be time to face them!

If you are a parent right now in a "What if..?" battle, I want to encourage you. I know it's hard to wonder about your child's life, health, and future. I know it is a draining process finding the answers to silence those nagging questions. But, you can do this! This season in life is extremely difficult as you might have to change some of your expectations or dreams for your child. But, you will adjust and find a way.

Don't let a question produce fear in your heart. You are stronger than a question and the answer to that question. Why? Because you're a mom!

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