Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So long teeth...

2 baby front teeth + 2 permanent front teeth= 2 too many teeth present 

I remember anxiously awaiting for Jaycee's slow to erupt baby teeth to come through a few years ago. The last few months, I have been wanting 2 of them to fall out. Funny how your feelings change in these situations.

After two heart surgeries, teeth being pulled seems like a small procedure. Still, I woke up today with a small knot in my stomach. I know Jaycee will be scared today and there is no way to prepare her well for it. 

Last night, we put Jaycee to bed and I tried to explain to Jaycee what would happen before we prayed about it. "Jaycee, you have 4 teeth right here. You should have 2. You are going to the dentist tomorrow and she is going to take 2 teeth out. You will be fine." Jaycee opens her mouth and points to her teeth.

Ok, she knows we are talking about her teeth, but who knows what she got out of my little speech.

This is when her developmental delays are an advantage. She doesn't get worried about what will happen. She's not asking for details.  I'm the only one who is mulling over what is going to happen.

Sidebar: Ever since I got my Fearless shirt from our church chic night meetings, I have been wearing it when Jaycee has a doctor's appointment or some other potentially stressful appointment. The front says "fearless" and the back says "fear not, for I am with you. -God" Our meetings have been about fear, a subject I'm always needing wisdom on. The shirt is a good visual reminder for me not to be afraid.

I had my fearless shirt on as I walked Jaycee down the hall of the dentist office. She sat in the chair on her own. This is a good start. The bib was placed around her neck. For the first time ever, she leaves it on. Then the nasal gas mask needed to be placed. This is the part I was dreading. She doesn't understand what is happening and why. She looks scared. Like in so many other procedures, I help pin Jaycee down. The gas is on and Jaycee is calm in an instant. It's magic gas! 

In no time, Jaycee's baby teeth were in an envelope and it was over. Could it go that easily? Well, not so fast...As I was paying, Jaycee left my side. I thought she was going to play with toys in the lobby but no. I got to her just as she shut the door and was standing on the sidewalk. No matter how distracted I may be by what is happening, I can't let my guard down for a minute. I broke my golden rule with Jaycee while we are out, keep her confined or hold her hand.

It's over and done. Thank God everything went good. In case you are wondering, Jaycee will not be getting a visit from the tooth fairy. She doesn't know she's missing anything but my bank account does. Haha!! Until next time..

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