Thursday, March 14, 2013

WDSD Coming Up

Next week on March 21st people around the world will be recognizing World Down Syndrome Day. The date 3-21 was chosen to represent Down syndrome because individuals with DS have 3 copies of chromosome 21. The gifts and abilities of these people should be recognized and honored on this day. In an age when majority of pregnant women end up aborting babies that are prenatally diagnosed, I feel its important to remind people that the lives of those with Down syndrome are valuable and fulfilling.

So what will you do to honor this day? Do you know someone with Down syndrome that you can recognize? Can you put a short message about it on face book or twitter? Can you spend time with that person on that day? Can you  find a local Down syndrome organization to support financially?  If you don't know of one, do a google search with a large city near you and Down syndrome. Whatever it is you choose to do, please try to spread the word that people with Down syndrome have lives worth living and celebrating. 

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