Thursday, March 21, 2013

Celebrating Jaycee

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!!!

Today is March 21st so it's time to celebrate the ones we love that have an extra 21st chromosome. Jaycee's life is amazing. She has overcame so much. Even though she's had many surgeries, hospital stays, and medications, she has a sweet and caring spirit. Her smile and love have affected many people. Here's some things about Jaycee:

5 things Jaycee loves: 1. movies 2. people 3. pizza 4. going for rides 5. music (especially worship at church)

5 things Jaycee hates: 1. Her bi-pap 2. When a doctor checks her ears 3. When her grandparents leave 4. When she doesn't get seconds at meals 5. Having her nails trimmed

5 recent achievements: 1. She's learned to spell her first name. 2. She's learned over 25 sight words. 3. She will make squiggle marks as if she's writing her name. 4. She can give herself medicine in a syringe. 5. After a meal, she can put her dishes in the dishwasher.

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