Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kindergarten Graduate

My little Jaycee has officially finished kindergarten. Flashback to August 2012...I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. My baby girl was getting ready to start a new school with new teachers & I was nervous for her. How do you explain something like that to a child that can't communicate well?

She adjusted well to kindergarten and all the changes. I feel like a fool now for the way I worried. Jaycee made lots of friends at school. As a mom, you appreciate children who can love your special purposed child. When I see a child at school ask Jaycee for a hug, I'm thrilled. Jaycee's school did many things to promote acceptance for the children with special needs and it showed.

Jaycee has made some academic achievements as well. She has learned to count objects to five. She's learned to spell her first name. (Man, I wish I would have spelled her name JC). Jaycee learned dozens of sight words. She started to read simple 4 page books using her communication device. She's learned to say many new words on her device as well. It's been a productive year and she's enjoyed school.

And so, the school year that I was dreading has ended so quickly and my summer with Jaycee began this week. The next few weeks will be spent getting Jaycee adjusted to her new summer routine. I'm sure I'll have lots of things to blog about in the next few months!

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