Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 Essentials for the Hospital

Well, it sounds like a broken record but....we spent the weekend in the hospital with Jaycee again. Thankfully this was a short admission. After all the ins and outs of the hospital over the past 7 years, here is a parent's top 10 essentials you will need while your child is in the hospital.

10. Tennis shoes: Don't make the mistake of wearing sandals or flip flops on your way to the hospital. I did this once and 8 days later in the hospital, my feet just plain hurt! You may look dorky, but walk out your door in tennis shoes.
9. All the necessary toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.): After all the admissions now, I keep a cosmetic bag stocked with everything we need so I can grab it quickly in emergencies instead of trying to remember every little thing.
8. Extra clothes: This kind of goes without saying. I no longer pack clothes to serve as pajamas. I just wear something for 24 hours and then change. You don't have room to pack too many clothes.  And you often don't have privacy to change conveniently.
7.  Headphones: I have just discovered this as an essential! Headphones are perfect when you have a roommate that watches tv all night or you have a crying roommate.
6. Ibuprofen: For all the aches and pains when you aren't sleeping at all or sleeping in chairs and other odd positions
5. A laptop or kindle: I use these to update Jaycee's caringbridge website so that I can keep our family and friends updated. It comes in handy for movies or reading material when the admission is a week long. (You need something to do with your time.)
4. A Hepatitis Shot: Not really, but I feel like I need this after I shower in the parent lounge shower. Gross!!!
3. Your child's health history: Two years ago, I gave up trying to remember surgeries and admission dates and her diagnoses. I typed it all out and made a health history sheet, which I carry in my purse at all times. In an emergency, it's hard to remember everything!
2. Money: It's expensive eating in the hospital or at least it is at our Children's hospital. Never forget to grab some cash!
1. A phone charger for all the calls and texts

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