Thursday, October 17, 2013

A New Special Purposed Life

Since my last post, Jaycee has made amazing progress. She is off the ventilator and breathing on her own. The illness that almost took her life away did not succeed. Jaycee is a living and breathing miracle.

She is able to give hugs and kisses now. Jaycee has said "mama" and "bye-bye" in her very weak and hoarse voice. She's given high fives and thumbs up. She has asked for spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and pizza in sign language. Her mannerism are coming back. The things we have missed and longed for are returning and we are glad.

But, laying still in bed for three weeks took its toll on her body. She is extremely weak. Before this hospital stay, my daughter could walk, run, jump, dance, and go up stairs. Now, she's so weak she can sit up only briefly (if I help her get to a sitting position) before falling over to the side. There are many things she cannot do now that she could do just one month ago. Jaycee has never had regression (loss of skills) before.

And so, it appears that for the time members of my family will experience a new special purposed life. It's one that we weren't prepared for but one that seems oddly familiar. When she was a baby, I watched her receive physical therapy to help her learn to sit up, stand, and walk. Now, I'm going to watch it all again when she's 7 years old. I'm going to have to learn to bathe, diaper, and dress a child who isn't capable of doing these things herself, but now it's with a 75 pound "baby." I'm a little scared of this new life. I'm already exhausted by the things I've tried to do with her in the hospital. Part of me wonders how I am going to do this when she's home trying to regain her skills.

Seven years ago, I doubted my abilities to be a mom to a newborn who required special care due to her heart defect and congestive heart failure. I will not waste energy doubting my abilities this time. Every challenge she's had, we have faced together and somehow gotten through. This time will be no different. So here begins our new & revised & hopefully temporary special purposed life.....

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