Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We're Home!

I viewed the hospital from my rear view mirror last week with a smile on my face. A few hours later, my van pulls in my driveway. My house looks different. There is a newly built wheelchair ramp over the front steps. My husband proves again he is handy with a saw.

I lug in a new vest airway clearance machine. Twice a day or more, this machine will be used on Jaycee. I'm glad to have this new machine; maybe it will help keep Jaycee out of the hospital when she gets a cold. But, it's also another indication that her body isn't performing right and needs extra support to thrive.

Inside, Jaycee's mattress is on the floor. She is too weak to walk and get down from bed. Sometimes she forgets this though, so we have to take precautions like this.

The stroller that I usually use for long outings or shopping trips is now a crucial part of Jaycee's mobility. Instead of being stored in my van, it too is stationed in the house.

There are these and a dozen more changes, but everything is fine because Jaycee is home. Our family is complete. Elijah has his "sissy" home. Even though things are different, it's fine. Changes are okay as long as Jaycee is with us.

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