Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Big Bad Flu

During every flu season, I always hear moms debating whether or not their child should receive the flu vaccine. I usually let the moms tell their reasons why they are for or against the vaccine. When they are done, I then chime in.

"Well, the flu nearly killed Jaycee. So, yes I always make sure my kids get the flu vaccine."

In 2011, Jaycee came down with the H1N1 flu virus. I didn't know she had this until we ended up at the emergency room. The flu virus somehow triggered a fast heart rate, which led to us discovering she had Wolff-Parkinson White syndrome. For that story, read my previous post. A helicopter from the Children's hospital came to get Jaycee since she was in such distress. She was admitted to the hospital.

The fact is that even though Jaycee received the flu vaccine, she ended up getting the flu. I guess you could look at this in 1 of 2 ways: 1. Maybe the vaccine doesn't work and isn't worth doing or 2. Maybe the flu can be very serious and the vaccine may decrease your chance of ending up in the emergency room and being admitted into the hospital.

For me, I look at it from the second perspective. It seems Jaycee catches illnesses easily, so I have gotten the vaccine for her, my son, and myself every year to help put the odds in our favor.

Last year, my son spiked a 104 fever and was obviously very sick. Our doctor told me to get to the hospital to have him swabbed to make sure he didn't have the flu. Sure enough, he had the flu virus even though he had received the flu vaccine. But, Jaycee and I didn't get it. I felt that was a miracle! Jaycee drinks from her brother's cup all the time, so I was sure she'd come down with it. Elijah and my husband were both laid out for a few days with the flu. But the girls stayed strong!

So after having the flu affect people in my home in two different flu seasons, I know how harsh and serious the flu can get. I know I never want someone in my family to get it. And I'm always relieved when the flu season is over!

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