Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Real Jaycee

Get to know my amazing daughter, Jaycee!

Favorite foods: Pizza, spaghetti, cake, mashed potatoes (no gravy), chips & salsa

Favorite time of day when we are home: 1-3 pm "nap time" which consists of her laying on my bed watching movies

Least favorite time of day: mornings, especially if it's before 8 am

Favorite things to do outside: swinging, swimming, and wandering around

Thing she gets in trouble for the most: not listening to instructions (i.e. Go to the bathroom for your shower.)

Favorite color: green

Favorite television shows and movies: Barney, Winnie the Pooh, Peppa Pig, Olivia, and Madagascar

Places she likes to go: 1. School 2. Any restaurant 3. Grandma's House 4. Church

Least favorite school subject: Phonics!!

Items Jaycee has to sleep with: her 2 Olivia the pig dolls. She meticulously places them on her pillow before sliding between them when going to sleep.

Item Jaycee can't live without: a television

Things Jaycee is obsessive-compulsive about: 1. the placement of her Olivia dolls at night 2. her post-dinner night routine 3. Where she stands in the morning to get dressed (in the hallway right in front of the steps)

3 Chores Jaycee does at home: 1. Setting the table for meals 2. Putting her dirty clothes in the hamper 3. Putting her dishes in the dishwasher

Things that scare Jaycee: Animals that get too close to her, walking into the emergency room at the Children's hospital, darkness in a public place (like a movie theater), Generally people dressed up in costumes

The best things about Jaycee: She's loving. She has a tender heart. She's happy even when she's really sick. She almost never has a "bad" day. She gives great hugs.

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