Thursday, February 27, 2014

How I Do It

I am often asked, "How do you do it?"

This question is asked in several different contexts:
-How do you work with children with delays and disabilities and come home to a child with special needs?
-How do you work part time, keep up with the household duties, and take care of Jaycee's needs?
-How do you handle all of Jaycee's frequent illnesses and hospital admissions?
-How do you work when Jaycee needs breathing treatments around the clock every four hours during illnesses?
-How do you deal with the stress of having a child who is frequently ill?
-How do you make time for yourself?

Sometimes, I can handle illnesses and situations that come up really well. I make adjustments. I find time to sneak in a nap while Jaycee watches a movie next to me. I make sure the laundry gets done by getting up really early and starting it. I make super easy meals or just bake frozen entrees. When times are crazy, I try to simplify my life and accomplish the high priority items first.

There are other times, when I don't handle things well. I might snap at a family member because I'm stressed and tired. I might cry over something that doesn't deem that strong of an emotional response. I do the laundry, but it stays in a pile in the living room. Yes, there are times I don't handle "it" well.

Throughout my easy or difficult days, I pray, ask God for help, read scripture, and listen to Christian music. Most of the time, it helps me stay calm and keep a better perspective. Sometimes, despite my best intentions I fall down into a negative spiral. I think, "If only those people who believe I'm so great & wonderful at handling everything could see me now! They'd know the truth."

So, how do I do it? 

The answer is simple.

I take it one day at a time. There is no magical method or strategy I use. Life is sometimes full of challenges that you have to just simply live through. I can't give up, quit my job, or not do Jaycee's medicines or doctor's appointments. Tasks have to be accomplished, medicine has to be given even if it's at 2 am, and duties need to be taken care of. I simply do things because they demand to be done. Yes, there are times I have breakdowns but I am not broken down. It is all temporary emotions and trials. I have been through challenging times before. I survived. I made it before. I'll make it again.

And, that is how I do it!

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