Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The R Word Strikes Again

I decided to get a cheeseburger on my lunch break. Who can resist bacon, beef, and cheese covered in grease?

I ordered and stepped back to wait for my meal. There was one cook working and struggling to keep up with the orders. She was obviously having a hard time. The orders were getting backed up. Another cook emerged from the back. He struggled too, asking questions about what toppings went on which sandwich.

Finally, the woman working the front went to the back and started assembling burgers and getting things in order. Clearly, she was frustrated when she said, "If people weren't so r*tarded things could get done." She was in the kitchen. I was 10 feet or more from the counter. I heard her insult perfectly clear.

Yikes! Not the r-word!

Shortly after, she smiles while handing me my food and tells me, "Have a nice day."

If only she knew. I'm just glad my daughter wasn't there to hear her shout the r-word.

I have other posts on the r-word subject, so I won't go in to everything again.

Today was just a reminder that people don't understand the r-word. People with loved ones with intellectual disabilities (formerly called mental retardation) find the r-word highly offensive.

People use the r-word as an insult, as a joke, and as a derogatory adjective.

It is insulting...to those with intellectual disabilities.

So, since there are still people saying it, I will keep on educating people. The r-word is one word that hurts. People shouldn't use it! I know it's hard to change your vocabulary, but just be aware that families with special needs will take note if they hear you saying the r-word. Don't say it!

People with intellectual disabilities (and their moms) deserve more.

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