Monday, March 2, 2015

Wish Trip Part 7: The Finale!!!

Here it is....the end of our wish trip story:

The last few days of our trip were all about slowing down and relaxing before going back to real life. Our hotels and meals were now at our expense since we added these days on. However, we had money left on our debit card to cover most meal and shopping expenses.

We stayed near Cocoa beach so we could see the ocean, a new experience for the children. I didn't know how Jaycee would react. But, she loved it!
The water wasn't warm, so swimming was not a possibility. But, we enjoyed going in a few inches and playing in the sand. Elijah loved collecting sea shells. Jaycee liked laying on the beach. She was very content whenever we were at the beach. I like any place she's laying down instead of running off from me. We tried unsuccessfully to recreate a scene from my childhood.
This is a picture of me and my dad in '86 during our family vacation to Florida.
Here are some of the failed attempts...


It really wasn't a hard pose but we couldn't pull it off. Besides the beach and visiting our hotel's water park, we went for an air boat ride. The kids loved that as well. It was pretty neat seeing the animals and zooming around the water. We saw several gators. Other than that, we did some shopping, ate at some nice resturants, and went to a dinosaur store. The last few days of the trip were nice. But soon, it was time to fly back home. The magic was over, but we'll hold these moments forever. We loved this time together and cherish these positive memories we have.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read about our trip. The bottom line is that Make-A-Wish and Give Kids the World are amazing organizations! Any family who chooses a Disney wish with the GKTW village will not be disappointed.

Enjoy some final pictures I like that didn't make it in anywhere else.

Jaycee hiding at the village.
Mayor tucking Jaycee in at the village.

All smiles on the tea cups at Magic Kingdom

Jaycee's doodle on her star for the Castle of Miracles

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