Friday, October 9, 2015

31 for 21: Packing Up

31 for 21 challenge continues with photo Friday. Here's a picture and the story behind it.

Question. How many nights do you think I packed for Jaycee and I in this picture? 
Answer: 2 nights
The plastic bag on the table held snacks, distilled water for the bi-pap, and toys for our trip. The green cooler bag had juice and her medication that needed to be refridgerated. The red bag is the diaper bag used for public outings during the day. The small black bag directly in front of the red bag is Jaycee's bi-pap. The taller black suitcase is Jaycee's vest airway clearance machine. The purple suitcase had Jaycee's clothes, the nebulizer, and night time diapers. Finally, the navy blue bag had my clothes.
Question: How did I get all these bags in to the hotel with Jaycee?
Answer: Not very quickly or easily. Ha!

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