Friday, October 2, 2015

31 for 21: When the School Did Something Awesome

Today is the 2nd day of 31 for 21 challenge where we blog about Trisomy 21 for all 31 days of Down syndrome awareness month.
Happy Photo Friday everyone!! Here's a photo, well 2 actually, and the story behind it.
This is Jaycee leaving the hospital in 2013 after a 4 week, very intensive hospital admission. See blog posts from October 2013 for more information on that stay. Due to the illness and recovery, Jaycee missed about 6 weeks of school.
When I thought she was ready, Jaycee started back to school for a few hours in the middle of the day working her way towards full time.

When I arrived at school with Jaycee the first day back of her shortened schedule, I immediately saw this sign on the entrance of the school. I was so happy to see this sign giving Jaycee a special welcome back.

But that wasn't all the school had planned. The student body was notified the moment Jaycee arrived. I walked Jaycee outside the library to take her to the classroom building to find all the students lined up on both sides of the sidewalk. They were cheering for Jaycee and welcoming her back. It was beyond amazing. And maybe this tough momma shed a few tears.

 Dahlgren Grade School showed me that day that Jaycee was important to their school. It was something I'll never forget!

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