Thursday, January 17, 2013

Elijah's Talent

In the past few weeks, Elijah has been demonstrating an amazing talent. He has the uncanny ability to know what Jaycee wants and thinks.

"Jaycee, did you have fun at church?" I ask.

Elijah responds, "No she didn't!! Sissy doesn't like church!"

"How do you know? You aren't even in sissy's class," I reply.

"She doesn't like it!!" he affirms.

Elijah has been voicing opinions for Jaycee on all sorts of topics. From toys she likes or dislikes to protesting bedtime, Elijah gives Jaycee's voice on the subject.

"Sissy wants more to eat," Elijah will say.

"If she wants more, she can tell me on her talker," I tell him.

I think it's really neat how he is attempting to talk for his sister. He's learning Jaycee isn't able to express her opinion. It's a new step in their relationship as brother and sister. Even though Elijah is the little brother, as he matures his role will basically be the older sibling. I see him becoming her protector like many other siblings of kids with special needs. It's a neat process to watch and it is always my hope that he'll grow up to love and respect his sister.

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