Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jumping & Courage

The combination of Jaycee's frequent steroid use over the years, asthma, Down syndrome, & love of pasta has resulted in Jaycee being overweight. I don't like it. I wish I could go back 2 years ago when all of this started and make changes. But I can't and here we are. I kept thinking the weight gain would magically stop but it hasn't. It's time to make changes.

On the suggestion of a friend who has a child with Down syndrome, I called about enrolling her in gymnastics. Last week was her first class.

I prayed several times prior to the class. Doing a new experience with Jaycee is always a gamble. It could go really well with her obeying and listening. Or, it could go horribly bad with her flopping down refusing to move or running away. I was nervous about it. I don't like new experiences in general and especially with her. I like to know what is going to happen. I worry about her freaking out and flopping down. I worry that I'll have to wrestle her up and people will stare. I worry too much. I pray to God that He'll help me not to worry about things that haven't happened. I pray for courage. I have so much spiritual work to do...  The idea of starting gymnastics frightens me because of how she'll potentially behave. But, she needs exercise and something must be done. Helping my child is the only thing that pushes me forward to do this.

We arrived at class and got signed in. Jaycee spots kids on the trampoline and wants to go immediately. I hold her back since her class hasn't started yet. I'm excited that she is excited. She joins the class and imitates them doing stretches. She can't do everything the other kids are doing but she's trying. She's paying attention and smiling. For the next hour, Jaycee follows the routine of the other children. She only wanders off a few times but does good overall. She jumps on the trampoline with help and is enjoying herself. She's getting some good exercise in and it is going well.

All of my worrying was for nothing. Everything has turned out good. I can't believe how well she paid attention. She is growing up and maturing. I need to mature too. I need to have more courage and faith that these little things will go well. The fear of the unknown stops me from doing new things with her. But I might be missing out on something really special that she will enjoy.

I can't wait to see what she'll do next week! And, I won't worry about it!

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