Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year Plan

With the new year starting, I suppose I'll do a traditional beginning of the year post. I am not big on resolutions. I don't seem to keep them very long so now I don't even bother with them. But, this year does mark a significant milestone for my husband and I. In May, we will celebrate 10 years of marriage. Ten years! In some ways, it seems so long ago. In other ways, it seems short. But we are closing in on 10 years of marriage.

Lately, I have been looking around at our stuff in terms of how long we have had it. We got these really nice towels when we got married as a present. We have never used them but I fully intended to one day. Then-Poof! 10 years have went by and those towels have done nothing but sit around. I'm going to use those towels this year! I'm going to look for other things I'm "saving" for a better time.

I have some pretty dishes and fancy glasses that rarely get used. Part of the reason they are not used is because I'm too lazy to hand wash things. There also never seems to be a good reason to get them out and use them. I'm going to use those glasses more this year.

Which brings me to the last point...I'm going to try to find something to celebrate every month. The little milestones the kids meet or an accomplishment with our jobs, as a family we need to stop and celebrate the small successes and victories. If we do that, I'll always have a reason to get out the fancy glasses!!

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