Sunday, October 22, 2017

I Never Thought....

This week for Down syndrome awareness month, I'm going to share some moments that I never thought would happen when I heard my daughter had Down syndrome. The way Down syndrome was presented, I was sure her life (and therefore mine) would be limited. I pictured a million scenarios after her diagnosis, but I never imagined she would have such a full life with amazing experiences.

Most of the things I'll share this week have been possible in part by different organizations or charities that support and enhance the lives of people with disabilities. For that, I'm grateful.

When I found out my newborn baby had Down syndrome and a heart defect, I never pictured her standing at home plate meeting a well known baseball player. Yet, it happened. Here's Jaycee meeting Yadier Molina from the St. Louis Cardinals last year.

Our local Down syndrome association has a walk and awareness event with the St. Louis Cardinals every year during one of their home games. A few of the older children-adults with Down syndrome get to take part in the starting lineup with the Cardinals. The people in the starting lineup are either the top fundraisers for the association's yearly funds drive or (like Jaycee) win a raffle from the pool of other fundraisers. We were so thrilled that Jaycee's name was drawn so that she could have this experience. She was so exited to meet a player, get a signed ball, and meet Fred Bird the mascot. 

So yes, this is something I never thought my child with Down syndrome would have an opportunity to do. A diagnosis does not determine an individual's life course! Jaycee has proven that to me time and time again.

PS-Joining a Down syndrome group has its perks!

A special thank you needs to be given to the St. Louis Cardinals and the Down syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis for helping people like my daughter have these experiences of a lifetime. 

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  1. I think our kiddos are constantly surprising us with how wonderful life is; it is different, but oh so good!


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