Monday, October 30, 2017

Meet Roshni: No Limits with Down syndrome

Today, I'm welcoming writer and mom of a toddler with Down syndrome, Sruthi, to this blog. Sruthi has been mentoring a young adult with Down syndrome named Roshni and would like to share her accomplishments today. 

Roshni is a 19 year old young woman with Down syndrome who enjoys life to the fullest! She is one of four siblings. She has a brother -25 and two younger sisters ages 14 and 13. She is a wonderful, kind, and helpful older sister to her younger sisters.

She attends a college transition program through her school where she is gaining work experience through various internships. Currently, she is interning as a teaching assistant in a KG classroom and loving it!

Roshni enjoys cooking and preparing her favorite dishes such as guacamole, Mexican dinner, and smoothies. Her guacamole is out of this world delicious! 

She likes to try all different kinds of foods but Indian and Mexican foods are her all time favorites. She aspires to be a chef one day.

Roshni loves to listen to all different kinds of music and enjoys learning the lyrics and singing along to her favorite songs. She also enjoys playing basketball, tennis and swimming. 
In her free time, you will find her constantly drawing and creating abstract pencil drawings. These pieces are quite remarkable. She is also taking a class in school where she is learning to create art pieces using technology such as various iPad apps. She has created many unique and artistic pieces which have been chosen to be displayed at her school art gallery.

Her latest adventure is learning how to make home made bath and body products such as soaps and body butter. She is also learning to sell her handmade products. She is enjoying learning this new skills, and we hope she can be an entrepreneur like lots of amazing young adults in the Down syndrome community.

It sounds like Roshni is a busy gal with an exciting future ahead of her. Thanks for sharing Sruthi! You can read more of Sruthi's writings on the site No BS about DS.
You can see some of Roshni’s soap creations at

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  1. Hi Roshni,

    I enjoy smoothies too.

    And your business is great with the soaps and body butter. They are always in demand especially among people who like organic and holistic stuff.

    Will remember to visit Tuya Essentials.


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